Work Experience

Work experience provides you with an insight into the working environment.  This can assist you with making choices regarding your future career and the areas you are interested in.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find suitable placements within General Practice/Primary Care unless you have a friend or relative who can help you with an introduction to where they currently work.

We are working towards providing a list of Practices/settings within the Devon area who are able and enthusiastic about providing a student with a quality placement.  The Practice will provide you with a placement supervisor, who will draw up a schedule for you during your placement.

Devon Training Hub can help with connecting you with a suitable Practice. This is normally a Practice close to where you live, but it would not be a Practice where you are registered as a patient.

Within any NHS organisation confidentiality is very important and you will be asked to sign an agreement to cover the policies which must be adhered to during your placement.

Working in Primary Care is not just about being a Doctor or Nurse - there are many other different roles such as finance, managerial, maintenance, receptionists, administrators, cleaners, healthcare assistants, paramedics, physiotherapists and many more.

Work experience is unpaid but it is extremely valuable if you want to pursue a medical career.  Medical Schools will ask for details of your Work Experience to ensure that you are serious about training in medicine. 

Benefits of Work Experience include:

·         Gaining confidence and extending your skills and knowledge

·         Meeting and working with new people

·         Reflecting on your experience

·         Opening opportunities to future employment and further education

·         Understanding of a new working environment

·         Learning to work within a team and to contribute towards new ideas

·         Gaining an insight into the NHS environment and the many roles which are involved


Just for fun why not take the “Find your career Quiz” - it only takes five minutes and it will give you a guide to a career to suit your personality.


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The story laid out for us in the video below followed Danny, who hurts his leg playing football. We see his journey through treatment as he meets various healthcare staff who help get him back playing football. The video would be used in schools and online learning for children to find out about the diversity of career choices in the NHS.

Danny's Journey


If you interested in finding a Work Experience Placement within Primary Care, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you.  We cannot promise a placement for everyone who applies, but we will look at every application and try and place them with the most suitable placement.  Due to COVID19 we are anticipating these placements will take place in 2021.

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