Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience


Due to the ongoing situation with COVID19, it has not been possible to place students into work experience placements within healthcare settings.

We have put together some links to various virtual work experience offerings for you until we can begin face to face work experience within Primary Care.

It is important to remember why medical schools look for relevant experience in your application.  They want to see that you understand what a career in medicine involves and that you have the key values, skills and attributes required to become a doctor.  Taking part in experiences provided by online platforms, such as Observe GP, may allow you to gain some of this understanding and demonstrate some of those qualities, but remember, it is how you reflect on these experiences and communicate what you have learnt that matters. 

For further guidance on gaining relevant experience to study medicine in the time of COVID19, please visit the Medical Schools Council guidance.


BSMS Virtual Work experience:


Brighton and Sussex Medical school have developed 'Virtual Work Experience', which provides insights into medicine for those considering making an application to medical school. Users are introduced to the broader role of the NHS to begin with, You then explore the different roles and skills needed to work in medicine, looking specifically at six different medical specialities. As you move through the course you also get the opportunity to consider some of the challenges and wider issues facing doctors working in the NHS.


RCGP Observe GP:


Observe GP is an alternative to work experience for aspiring medics aged 16 and over, who are living in the UK. It is a free interactive video platform providing insights into the role of a GP and the wider primary care team. Observe GP is supported by the Medical Schools Council as a suitable element of relevant experience to help prepare an application to medical school. Through a series of 8 interactive videos users will observe the roles of different team members such as GP's, nurses, receptionists and GP trainees, and complete activities around the content of each video. This is best viewed on a PC. 


Patient Journey Through General Practice - A Virtual Reality Video App

 This Patient Journey VR App provides users with an exciting opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of General Practice with full 360 degree views of the consulting room and wider practice. Users will observe the journey of a patient from booking an appointment through to their first consultation and the follow-up afterwards. As you move through the app you will have the opportunity to consider how you might respond to the different scenarios. Additional features include finding out what a career in general practice is like, and having the opportunity to explore a real-life consulting room and the equipment in it. The VR function of this App can be accessed by using any smartphone and a simple cardboard headset and following the instructions in the link above. Alternatively, it can be viewed in 2D on smartphone, tablet or PC. VR Headsets can be found very cheaply online.

Useful documents available from RCGP Website:

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Useful documents available from The Medical Council Website

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